The Botanical Year Starts Here

The Botanical Year Starts Here

IGPOTY 11 launch exhibition at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Photography by Andrew Wade

The Botanical Year Starts Here

It’s almost February and that means it’s almost time to reveal the winners of the International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition 11. Winners will be made public and available to view online from February 9 2018, with the exhibition at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew opening to the public on February 10.

If you’ve never been to the most prestigious flagship exhibition of garden photography in the world, then you’re in for a treat. This year will feature the most ever framed prints supplied by UK based pro lab, One Vision Imaging, and include garden photography from classic categories such as The Beauty of Plants, Breathing Spaces and Wildflower landscapes as well as two new main categories, Abstract Views and Outdoor Living.

Also new to this exhibition will be images from the mobile phone only category Gardens on the Go,  a new Still Life Photo Project, plus the winner of the special Portfolio category My Garden Stories. And of course, Captured at Kew, with the largest selection of winners exhibited to date.

The photography on display will aim to broaden your understanding of the natural world and inspire you to see our green planet with renewed beauty and importance. Expect to see images from around the UK plus countries all over the world such as: Ireland, USA, Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Each image will have a story to tell and offer a new perspective on plant life through the exciting and growing genre of garden photography. Conservation will be, as always, an important theme of this competition year so watch out for interesting interpretation provided by the Kew Science team.

This exhibition is vital to the IGPOTY mission as we continue to work with Kew to share the wonder of plants. So discover your inspiration for 2018 with the finest images of plant life in the world at the birthplace of botany. 

The exhibition will be on display in the Nash Conservatory until March 11 2018. Entry is included with the price of admission to the Gardens. The next venue to host the exhibition of Competition 11 will be RHS Hyde Hall, which opens on March 21.

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