IGPOTY Black & White 17 – Results Announcement!

IGPOTY Black & White 17 – Results Announcement!

Photo by Minghui Yuan, 'Spider in the Frame', 1st Place, Black & White, Competition 17.

Nikon Z7 Mark II, Nikon Nikkor Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S macro lens, 1/40sec at f/13, ISO 1600.

IGPOTY Black & White 17 – Results Announcement!

The results have now been decided and all of the awarded entries can now be viewed on the IGPOTY website.

Congratulations to all awarded entrants, especially to the following podium places; Minghui Yuan who was awarded 1st Place, Norman Raine – awarded 2nd Place, and Alan Price – awarded 3rd Place.

Minghui will receive £250 and the winning work 'Spider in the Frame' will feature in the IGPOTY exhibition tour.

Minghui said:

"I found a spider on the underside of a huge leaf of the giant waterlily – Victoria amazonica. The veins of leaves form various shapes, with indentations forming pockets where insects such as this spider can hide. They will dive underwater to create a large bubble, and then they will rely on the air in the bubble to prey and rest underwater."

To see all of the awarded places, please visit: https://igpoty.com/competitions/black-and-white-competition-17-results/