Land of the Fairies

The Beauty of Herrenhausen Gardens
Land of the Fairies by Stefan Schulze

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Photographer: Stefan Schulze (see profile)
Competition: Competition 13
Category: The Beauty of Herrenhausen Gardens
Location: Herrenhausen Gardens, Hannover, Germany


This photograph shows the Berggarten´s much admired steppe garden on a summer evening. It is an interpretation of the treeless, rather dry grass landscapes of Europe and Asia. Delicate Stipa grasses with blue perennials like Perovskia elevate the planting scheme.

It took a few visits to achieve this, first the grasses and perennials had to be at their best and then I had to catch the right evening light that would shine through the plants and give the whole scene this enchanted, fairy tale like atmosphere.


3rd place - The Beauty of Herrenhausen Gardens