The Duck's Castle

Parques de Sintra
The Duck's Castle by Chris Cosgrove

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Photographer: Chris Cosgrove
Competition: Competition 7
Category: Parques de Sintra
Location: Vale dos Lagos, Parque da Pena, Parques de Sintra, Portugal


I visited these gardens on a few occasions, hoping to catch the light just right and on a day when the gardens would be empty of visitors. I arrived at opening time on a cloudy day and went straight to the lake, knowing I would have only a short time before the sun would burn through the clouds and be too bright to capture the highlights. The lake is surrounded by tall trees and beautiful tree ferns and the park bench provided a peaceful setting overlooking the folly in the lake. The folly is in the shape of a medieval castle turret and it provides shelter for the flocks of wild ducks that frequent the lake.


2nd place - Parques de Sintra