Ethereal Beauty

Macro Art
Ethereal Beauty by Anna Omiotek-Tott

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Photographer: Anna Omiotek-Tott
Competition: Competition 7
Category: Macro Art
Location: , Poland


I bought this single Anthurium at a florist as I loved its soft pastel colour. After taking a few average photos, I was not too satisfied and then the flower fell on the floor and its stem got broken, I thought of putting it in a small glass filled with water and took some photos juxtaposing the shapes – roundness of the glass and heart-shaped flower fitting into the circle and then experimented with a series of shots looking down the glass. For some of the shots I used a single layer of plum-coloured soft tulle over the lens, a technique used by portrait photographers to soften the image. The glass and water themselves had a softening effect as well. This way I made the strong form of the flower more romantic.


3rd place - Macro Art