Cranberry World

The Bountiful Earth
Cranberry World by Jacky Hobbs

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Photographer: Jacky Hobbs
Competition: Competition 7
Category: The Bountiful Earth
Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States


Cranberries can be grown in shallow bogs which are flooded to facilitate ease of harvest, the gathered masses of heavy fruit necessitate airlifting by helicopter to avoid damage to the residual cranberry plants. I managed to get a ride in one such working helicopter. Scared of heights but unable to resist the opportunity to fly over the cranberry bogs, I was inspired to take the photo as much by adrenaline as aesthetics. In a lurching, rattling, noisy chopper I managed to regain my wits and get my camera into action to try and capture the stunning scenes racing away below me.


Finalist - The Bountiful Earth