Herb Garden

The Bountiful Earth
Herb Garden by Jude Gadd

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Photographer: Jude Gadd
Competition: Competition 8
Category: The Bountiful Earth
Location: Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, United Kingdom


The photograph was taken in the kitchen garden. I was fortunate enough to be allowed access when it would normally be closed to the general public. This meant I was able to be there very early in the morning. On this particular day I waited for the sun to rise enough for it to be glinting through the backdrop of trees. The soft early light was further diffused by the trees enabling me to shoot straight into it. I spent a year photographing six areas within the garden for a personal photography project with kind permission of the Duke of Devonshire. I saw each location every six weeks, making a total of nine visits to each over the course of the year.


Finalist - The Bountiful Earth