Highway Through Nature

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Highway Through Nature by Fiona Walsh

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Photographer: Fiona Walsh
Competition: Competition 17
Category: Plants & Planet
Location: Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve, Oʻahu Island, Hawaiʻi, United States


At the base of the Kualoa Ranch mountains, what was once trees, now has concrete. I fear these roads will only get wider in time, as more people populate and visit the island. However, not all the roads on earth still have as many trees around them like this; if only all roads had this kind of green belt. Anywhere that we deem beautiful will inevitably attract humans – I believe that exploring our planet is one of the most grounded and awe-inspiring activities there is.

However, the Kualoa Ranch has impressive sustainability initiatives; in 2021 they received 3 sustainable tourism certifications, their stewardship team planted 2,739 native plants and 60,000 bottles were recycled.


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