Ranunculus and Ice Cream

Still Life
Ranunculus and Ice Cream by Virginia Beare

Image details - Ranunculus and Ice Cream

Photographer: Virginia Beare (see profile)
Competition: Competition 17
Category: Still Life
Location: Kent, England, United Kingdom


The beauty and stillness of the Ranunculus flowers (lovingly grown by my daughter), sat alongside the two cones of freshly scooped, raspberry ripple ice cream. Whilst calm and gentle in appearance, there was of course an immediacy required in taking the photograph! I love both elements for the joy they bring; visually and sensually.

There was a real synergy between them, in their colour and soft tones, also each subject is captured at the height of their beauty and deliciousness. However, we can also see whilst they are both just at the same stage, there is a hint they are beginning to lose their structures, we see a few petals and a few droplets of ice cream on the oak table, but they are fading at a totally different pace.


2nd place - Still Life