IGPOTY organisers

IGPOTY organisers

International Garden Photographer of the Year is administered and run by Mirror Plate Media Ltd.

Environmental and ethical policy

All business activities inevitably lead to a series of ecological and social impacts. As far as possible, we share car journeys, walk/cycle to work and use rail travel. Our exhibitions are designed to maximise locally sourced, recycled or renewable materials and minimise waste.

All our books are printed on paper from sustainably-managed sources.

Web Hosting

To enforce the message of the competition and "images of a green planet" - the IGPOTY core website is proudly hosted by a green web host: Krystal Hosting Ltd, England, using 100% renewable power.


Each year (since 2019) via the IGPOTY main competition category 'Plants & Planet', new trees are purchased via WeForest for planting in its 'Brazil, wildlife corridors' project - read more here: https://www.weforest.org/project/brazil-wildlife-corridors

So far: 395 new trees have been planted.

Since the beginning of 2021, the installation and collection deliveries of IGPOTY domestic exhibitions (international exhibitions are sent digitally) will be offset via the purchase of carbon credits via Ecologi. To see the IGPOTY project/to donate, please visit: https://ecologi.com/mirrorplatemedialtdt


We exercise a fair and ethical policy towards our contributing photographers. We ask for the right to reproduce photographs free-of-charge, in order to promote our exhibitions and our participating photographers, and to support the competition. However, we believe that all photographers, whether professional or amateur should be paid for reproduction rights outside the scope of these events. All exhibited photographers retain copyright of their photographs.