Yulia Naganova

Yulia Naganova

Credit: Anna Soshnikova

About Yulia Naganova

I have always enjoyed sharing stories; using words, using music, using photographs...My images are more about the inner state; emotions and mood, rather than real people and flowers (these act the part of the vessels only).If I had only three words to describe my art I would say:Time: We can do nothing about time. Well ...except capturing the moment of itAir: The wind, smells, freedom, memories... we can not live without air, even photographs need to breathe.Mood: Every photograph is a reflection of my mood, my thoughts, and my feelings.Photography is the endless interaction between me and the world. I am happy to share the result of this collaboration with you

Group Exhibitions2015August 7 - September 1. Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, California, USA / Mobile Digital Art and Photography Exhibition / Photo "Shade"October 15 - November 8. Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct, Vermont, USA / Curvilinear Exhibition / Photo "Pink Tenderness"2016January 8 - 28 Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA, USA / Members' Exhibit / Photo "Time"April 22 – May 21 The Ellington-White Contemporary Art Gallery, Fayetteville, NC, USA / The 2nd Annual Art and FlowersJuried Competition / Photos “Lonelyness” and “Blue”July 20 – August 2 Moscow International Photo Awards, Moscow, Russia / Photo “Blue” took the 1-st place in the Flower category, Photos “Tangerine and Mint” and “Almost Watercolour” received the Honorable MentionJuly 14 - September 25 Peninsula Jewish Community Center, CA, USA / Community Artshow / Photo “Almost Watercolour”August 12 - September 10 Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA, USA / Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit / Photo “Time”October International Photo Awards Russia / Fine Art: Abstract / Photo "Colorful Abstractions" took the 2-nd place; Fine Art: Other / Photo "Shadows' Stories" took the 2-nd placeOctober International Photo Awards / Photo "Air" - Honorable Mention2017January Arc Gallery, San-Francisco, CA, USA / SNAP! Juried Exhibition / Photo "Blue"March 11 - April 23 Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA, USA / Salon at the Triton: Statewide 2D Competition & ExhibitionPublicationsPixels, Back&White Photography Magazine, LandEscape, Jolie Gazette,  

Professional roles: Photographer