Stacy Daugherty

Stacy Daugherty

Credit: Stacy Daugherty

About Stacy Daugherty

Specializing in Macro Photography, my intention is to capture the smallest of details, showcasing the fragility and delicacy of nature and urban textures.Shapes, angles and fragments of full size elements are brought to light and presented in an up close and intimate way, provoking curiosity, awareness and insight.Wildlife are beheld in their true surroundings, inviting you to experience their pure essence.My imagery allows sensation and intuition to guide you, to luxuriate in the beauty and wonder of our earth’s miracles and outdoor environment."Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."~Elliott Erwitt 

The macro lens was my first equipment purchase (as my camera was gifted to me), and it has been my first love from day 1. We are inseparable. Getting up close and intimate with the subject, whether it's flora, wildlife or concrete, invokes a realization of just how small we are, yet still part of a much, much larger picture.Moving through life at the speed that we do, the smallest details are often missed. Intentionally shooting nature in a way that may have never been considered and to give it a different vantage point is my goal. Providing a newfound connection and appreciation of our earth's profound beauty may encourage the observer to slow down and reflect. My hope is that it evokes interest in conservation, preservation or self discovery. That it brings Awareness, in whichever way is meant for you, the viewer.March 2019 one of my macro pieces, "To Be Seen", won People's Choice Award in the Impressions exhibit at Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. April 2019 I opened my first solo studio/workspace/gallery, becoming an Artist in Residency at Artserve, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.I am currently producing works for several upcoming exhibits, photographing endangered species and working on a book combining travel imagery with my writing.   

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United States