Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

Credit: Scott B Taylor

About Scott Taylor

Personal Photographic Interest - Landscapes, Flowers, Macro/Closeup, Waterfalls, Travel, 

Scott Taylor was born in Decatur IL. and grew up in Evanston IL. He was brought up in a rich cultural and diverse community, which has presented Scott with many photographic opportunities thru his career. He knew at an early age, that photographic art would be one to pursue the rest of his life. Scott studied Graphic Arts and Photography at Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in design. From there Scott has worked in the Graphic Arts industry and continues his passion for photography. He has won several photographic awards thru his career.Now that Scott has retired, he plans on working with tabletop abstracts, and more travel to discover all of the fascinating beauty this world has to offer.Scott continues to specialize in Landscape, Flower, Travel and Fine Art Photography.Enjoy!

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United States