Sarah Frost

Sarah Frost

Credit: Lexie Frost

About Sarah Frost

I initially trained as a photojournalist back in the late 1990s but even then I was more drawn to photographing still objects rather than people. I felt then and still do that the small details can tell such a powerful story if only we have the eyes to properly look. When I moved to West Cornwall in 2012 a dust of creative magic entered my life when I found myself the owner of a large overgrown garden, the first time for a few years I had experienced that particular joy. I was also going through a very testing time emotionally and this challenge continued and continues today. I found great healing and comfort from my garden but my vision became more and more focussed on the individual beauty and special qualities of the flowers themselves, rather than the wider view. This continues today and I never fail to draw breath in awe at the magic and beauty of flowers and the joy they give simply by being themselves. I have used this sense of awe to help me make sense of the path I have chosen to walk and my images are often veiled metaphors for my own life’s journey. This particular image was inspired by one of my favourite books ‘Tulip Fever’ by Deborah Moggach. I discovered through this wonderful book a whole new insight into the history of tulips and their enormous monetary value in Holland during the 17h and 18th Centuries. I also adore the work of the great Dutch flower painters, in particular the tulip paintings of Paulus Theodorus van Brussel. I wanted to create an image which was deceptively simple in composition but which demonstrated a painterly eye, capturing the timelessly elegant form and unique sheen of light which shines on and through tulips.

BA (Hons) Modern Arts Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism, LCP - 1998RPS Licentiate Former Manager at Curtain Road Studios, Shoreditch Former freelance photojournalist and commercial photographerCurrently manager of a large gallery in St Ives.

Professional roles: Curator, Photographer

Location: United Kingdom