Rosie Lalonde

Rosie Lalonde

Credit: R Lalonde

About Rosie Lalonde

I love photographing flowers and nature. With flower photography in-particular, I use three different types of lenses; fixed focal length macro, Lensbaby and telephoto.  The results are all so different and I seem to be able to capture the various personalities of flowers a little differently with each lens.

It is important to me to spend time with each bloom before I photograph it.  I may pass up a bloom only to return to it an hour or so later and see it again in a different light. There has to be something about the bloom that draws me in (or romances me) before I click my shutter.  I truly hope this love affair never ends.

I've been a professional photographer most of my adult life and I have owned and operated a wedding photography/videography business as well as a full-service studio. Once I retired I wasn't sure where my photographic interests would lie; and then I found flowers. Needless to say, I am totally enamored with their beauty!

During my career, I have accumulated a lot of experience that I often share with others through camera clubs, blogs, webinars and workshops.  There is nothing better in life than giving away what you know only to watch it grower to a fuller stature in someone else.

Professional roles: Author, Blogger, Lecturer, Photographer, Picture Editor, Portfolio Reviewer, Teacher, Tutor, Videographer