Owen Clarke

Owen Clarke

Credit: James Abbott

About Owen Clarke

BioI'm a Suffolk based Photographer specialising in capturing the East Anglian landscape.You will often find me out and about during the golden hours when the countryside is at its most peaceful and the light at its most stunning.Self-taught, I have learnt to combine an eye for composition with technical skill to achieve unique images of the landscape I grew up in.Photography for me is not purely about pressing the shutter. It's the whole process. From planning where to go, waking up in the pitch dark, travelling for hours, working to find a composition, praying for the perfect light, accepting compromises, making the exposure and finally getting the images home for post-processing. Artist StatementUsing my camera as a tool, I capture my minds eye before realising my artistic intentions in post-processing. Never altering the reality of what I have seen before me, I optimise colours, contrast and details. When required, digitally blending multiple exposures of the same scene to reveal its entire dynamic range. On occasion, my vision for an image leads me to blend separate exposures of the same scene taken over a period of time to create a truly distinctive moment. Post-Processing in PhotographyAs advanced as the sensors in modern cameras are today, at times they can still struggle to capture the full dynamic range of a scene within a single exposure. To overcome this, Photographers can utilise techniques such as Bracketing and Digital Blending. This involves making multiple exposures of the same scene but metering for the variations in luminosity. For example: An exposure for the highlights in the sky and another for the shadows in the foreground. These exposures can then be digitally blended together by hand in a tool such as Photoshop to achieve the truest result.

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United Kingdom