Karl Gaff

Karl Gaff

Credit: Karl Gaff

About Karl Gaff

I have been specializing in macro and micro digital imaging, of mainly botanical subjects for a number of years now. Coming from a science academic background, I have gained valuable specialist training in optical and electron microscopy technologies. For my imaging I take full advantage of this and employ and experiment with different optical or electron microscopy techniques depending on the kind of scene I am after or the kind of subject that I am using.

I am a laboratory technician based in the School of Physics, Clinical & Optometric Sciences at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. My academic achievements include a BSc Physics & Life Sciences, BSc Physics & Physics Technology, MSc Imaging & Microscopy. Some of my photography has won awards in imaging contests including Olympus Bioscapes, Nikon Small World, Royal Photographic Society, Royal Microscopy Society, UCD Photography Competition and Irish Research Council among others.  

Professional roles: Photographer, Tutor

Location: Ireland