Imogen Mansfield

Imogen Mansfield

Credit: Solène Milcent

About Imogen Mansfield

Imogen Mansfield’s practice cultivates an entanglement of connection to the topography of inhabitance, refuge and metamorphosis; inviting the listener to deeply explore the self and our symbiotic relationship with, and as, nature. Her work encircles themes of dream chemistry, interspecies curiosity, sexuality and the botanical mind. She is continually composing a graceful, living geometry of sensorial satisfaction and harmony of working; a gentle yet dedicatory correspondence with the world.

Imogen gained her primary arts education in Ballet and Contemporary Dance at Tring Park School for Performing Arts, and is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Arts and Place at Dartington Trust. She predominantly works as a writer, director and photographer, and her previous cultural works in the UK have been generously supported by Arts Council England. Recent engagement and clients include Erika Lust, Warrior Talk, Queer Botany & Chelsea Physic Garden. 

Professional roles: Art Director, Photographer

Location: United Kingdom