Heike Pohl

Heike Pohl

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About Heike Pohl

Hi all, I'm both in combination - photographer and author and on top I'm a passionate gardener. I'm living in the north of Germany next to North Sea in an old small house with a lots of green around, with my husband, our cats, ponies and big Brahma chickens. I find my photo opportunities around us, in my own garden or the beautiful landscape between Baltic and North sea. I love flowers, colours and nature.Hope you enjoy my work.Best, Heike Pohl

You can find my photos in print and on several Webpages. My current project is building a website for a gardening that is specialised in historical roses. It's one of my most beloved projects cause I love roses so much. Your are invited and welcome to have a look on ithttps://historische-rosen-schuett.de/

Professional roles: Author, Blogger, Journalist, Photographer

Location: Germany