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Elizabeth Pollington

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Photography has been a passion of mine since I was very young.  Having been quite ill for a long period of time and following a family member's serious accident I decided to try to take my passion one step further and trained to become a qualified professional photographer.  My ill health has prevented me from doing a great deal to promote my dream, however, having now had two surgical procedures and one more to go I hope that my dream will soon come to fruition.  I am fortunate to have a very supportive family who put up with me taking my camera absolutely everywhere with me.  I always use light to its fullest, often taking shots that other people avoid to capture the sunlight.  My daughter asked a similar question recently - how would I describe my style?  I think I would have to say bright - I love bright/vibrant colours so garden photography is perfect for me.My camera of choice is my Canon 5d Mark iii with a mixture of lenses depending on the circumstances.

I am a recent graduate (2017) of the Photographic Institute, which has given me so much support and has really built on my confidence.  To me this was a huge achievement at 49 years old - going back to 'school' is always tough, but I loved every moment.  The feeling I get when someone purchases a print from me is hard to explain, but to see your passion enjoyed by others has to be the best reward going and to think that your photograph is hanging in someone's house makes you feel that you have somehow left an impact on someone elses life.  My passion lies in garden/insect and landscape photography, although pet photography is also another passion of mine and of which I am hoping to  build on.  I have successfully carried out a few pet commissions which was hugely satisfying.

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United Kingdom