Craig Perkins

Craig Perkins

Credit: Simon Schollum, Photographer, Timaru New Zealand

About Craig Perkins

I'm a 50 plus Photographist who has been using a camera since I was 4 years old and even feed my family for 25 years crafting images. Also having a collection of Photographica and enjoying the blending of technologies from different centuries to create wonderful images. Home Studio with Broncolor Light and Rollei X-Act Technical Camera feed with a 40Meg Leaf Aptus II back - Also a substantial Canon kit around a 5Ds and 7D Mk2

Started life as a Telecom Engineer with an Advanced Trade in Telephony and moved into Photography having been awarded both the NZIPP Wedding and Portrait Q Certificates. Have had images published in the Hasselblad Forum Magazine and successes in various National Competitions. Trained as a Secondary Teacher and taught Photography at both Secondary and Tertiary levels. Obtained a Bachelor of Information Technologies and a Diploma in Specialist Subjects Technology.I also have a large collection of Photographica, Books and images dating from Daguerreotypes to Silicon and have even Curated a Museum Exhibition Titled "Salt to Silicon". Details of witch can be seen on my Website.So in a nutshell and Tech Savvy Teacher and Collector of Photography.

Professional roles: Blogger, Curator, Lecturer, Photographer, Picture Editor, Student, Teacher

Location: New Zealand