Christiane Weismüller

Christiane Weismüller

Credit: Bernd Butscheidt

About Christiane Weismüller

I create photographs, paintings, drawings and work with text. Through careful observation during the seasons I explore the processes of change in nature. I look for possibilities to reconnect with nature to increase awareness and motivation to protect her. I am interested in the influence of art on our relationship with our environment and on our perspectives on the natural world. For my photographs I choose from my collection of nature finds, which I capture in various constellations indoors, outdoors or on the light table. During my walks outside I capture parts of nature working with camera movement, soft focus techniques and macro lenses. All these techniques serve to create new impressionistic and abstract worlds. Japanese aesthetic concepts like the white space, minimalism, wabi sabi, ikebana and haiku fascinate me and inspire my compositions, because I think they describe on the one hand principles in nature perfectly well and on the other hand challenge our perception habits.           

Education: Master of Literature and Linguistics, Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf; certified adult educator and coach, Cologne; studies at the private art college, Frankfurt on the Main - Profession: freelance artist, lecturer and literary scholar - Experience: fine art nature photography, especially plants and landscape since 2012, combining it with painting and drawing since 2015, holding creative writing, art and photography workshops with nature as subject since 2001 

Professional roles: Blogger, Lecturer, Photographer

Location: Germany