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Bharat Patel

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I am an Oxford-based photographer with an interest in many genres of photography, be that landscape, street, portraits, wildlife or documentary. Since a young age I have had opportunities to travel, helped by my curiosity to learn about other countries and enjoy taking people portraits, landscapes and fine art images. There is nothing more exciting than finding new ways to photograph and be creative with the camera. After a satisfying career as a network architect for a large cable operator, I rested the “9-5” mindset and took to the old passion which had its roots during my teens.In recent years I have dedicated my photography to social documentary – under the banner of “Photography for a Purpose”. They are all about bringing awareness to a wider audience of how others live.Some of my photographs have been published in Journals and magazines and have also earned me awards in international competitions. Many of my prints are on the walls of private collectors. I sell prints individually or as a collection.

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3rd place

Beautiful Blenheim 2021 - Competition-14

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