Plant trees every time you enter Plants & Planet!

Plant trees every time you enter Plants & Planet!

In Partnership with WeForest

Photography by Marcio Cabral

Plant trees every time you enter Plants & Planet!

International Garden Photographer of the Year has chosen to support WeForest in their mission of planting new trees for the benefit of the climate, people and planet.

Photographers can now plant trees every time they enter the new category, Plants & Planet, which is open for entries:

50% of all Plants & Planet entry fees will be donated to WeForest. This means at least two trees will be planted for every single entry and at least four for a portfolio.

The category focuses on capturing images of climate change, the challenges facing plant life and the ways in which we use plants to help mitigate the effects.

Images could include anything from sustainable growing initiatives to plants and environments under threat.

Deadline for entry is October 31. Images will also be eligible for the grand prize title and a cash prize of £7,500.

WeForest has planted over 20 million trees worldwide and works with communities, local organisations and NGOs to develop scalable reforestation projects, demonstrating how it is possible to mobilise communities and restore our degraded soils. WeForest, backed by a scientific network, is growing a movement of small and large responsible companies committed to having a positive impact for people and for our planet. 

Tyrone McGlinchey, Managing Director of IGPOTY said: “As a green company that generates a huge amount of visual awareness for the challenges facing plant life, we also have to take direct action and support initiatives that are tackling climate change head-on with workable solutions. Planting new trees is one of the simplest and most effective things we can do.”

Manon Koningstein, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of WeForest said: “It has been proven that trees form a big part of the solution to climate change and we are committed to planting 100 million trees in the coming years. We are therefore very happy about the new partnership with IGPOTY and are looking forward to be able to work together to make Earth cooler.”

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