Pin Oak on A Rooftop

Pin Oak on A Rooftop by David Ballantyne

Image details - Pin Oak on A Rooftop

Photographer: David Ballantyne
Competition: Competition 8

Category: Greening the City

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


This pin oak is growing on the patio of the 19th floor penthouse apartment of the Eugenia Place apartment tower in Vancouver, Canada. The tree was planted in a specially designed gigantic pot in 1987. The tree is approximately 40' tall and is planted 200' above the street level. Architect Richard Henriquez wanted it to represent the 200 to 250 foot tall cedar, Douglas fir, and spruce old growth forest that grew here before the city was built. The pin oak was chosen instead of the native trees as it was thought to be able to withstand the elements better at the height it is planted. Pin oaks would normally grow to 100' but due to its location and restricted root ball it needs to be pruned regularly. I'd seen the tree a few times when visiting Vancouver but it's difficult to photograph from the street. When I had the opportunity to access the roof of an adjacent building I knew I had to attempt to get a good photo of it from the better angle of the roof top. I had photographed the tree in winter without leaves but wasn't satisfied with the results so I waited until summer and just at sunset so I would have the city lights as well.


Highly Commended - Greening the City