Pyrus communis 'Doyenné du Comice'

Still Life
Pyrus communis 'Doyenné du Comice' by Masumi Shiohara

Image details - Pyrus communis 'Doyenné du Comice'

Photographer: Masumi Shiohara (see profile)
Competition: Competition 13
Category: Still Life
Location: Shiojiri, Nagano, Japan


I am a fruit farmer who has grown more than 100 varieties of fruit so far. My goal is to create an artistic record of the fruits in the most visually beautiful way. My work is similar to botanical art, which seeks to express both the level of precision and detail with the beauty of the specimen.

Firstly, I made a capture with a white background like botanical art, then it was printed on vellum (a type of parchment). Finally, I used a medium format digital camera to ensure every last detail was captured and chose a black background for better contrast.


Commended - Still Life